Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yogurt melts and yogurt pops

So here are two uber simple "recipes" (I call them "recipes" because they are easy as can be and really require little to no work!) that your toddler will LOVE!

For yogurt melts:
Line a sheet pan with parchment or wax paper. Drop yogurt into nickel-sized circles onto the paper and freeze. They'll be frozen in no time and they melt as soon as your little one puts them in his or her mouth! Great for little ones starting finger food or toddlers who refuse to let you feed them!

For yogurt pops:
I mixed some banana into Jude's yogurt and poured the yogurt into ice cube trays. I have the silicone IKEA trays in fun shapes, which made it a bit more "festive!" I cut down bamboo skewers and put them in the center of each "popsicle" and froze. I got a suggestion from a fellow Nestie to use pretzel sticks, as well! A guaranteed hit on a warm day!


  1. Kali,

    I love your Blog and it's contents. I have sent it off to your cousin Alison who makes baby food for the twins everyday. The recipes really sound YUMMY!
    Love, Aunt Jackie
    P.S. It was wonderful seeing you and Jude during my PA visit.

  2. These are great ideas for serving yogurt! My little guy doesn't like eating anything runny, mushy, but I really want to feed him yogurt. The frozen yogurt pennies might do the trick!

  3. Great tips! I just made a tray full of frozen yogurt buttons for my little girl who will not let me feed her with a spoon. :) So simple!

  4. Thank you for sharing your recipe, Kali. People are slowly preferring yogurt as an alternative to the usual sweets for dessert. This is due to the fact that yogurts don't only taste delightful, they also have ingredients that will improve one's total health.

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